Allimed FAQs

What is Allimed?

Allimed is stabilized allicin.  Allicin is a compound that is formed when you crush fresh, raw garlic.  Unfortunately, it has a short, unstable life and it is difficult to consume especially in large quantities.  Garlic has been used since ancient times for a wide variety of health concerns.  Doctors and scientists in the UK were the first to find a way to keep allicin stable for extended periods of time.  Their patented ingredient is called AllisureAllimed is considered physician’s strength.  Allimed can only be purchased through a trained consultant or a health professional and is available in liquid, capsule, gel and cream formulations.
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Why not just eat garlic?

Eating fresh, raw, crushed garlic is always a great idea, even if you decide to use Allimed.  Be sure to choose fresh garlic grown locally (or at least from your own country) and stay away from old, dry, dusty or moldy garlic.  You should also look for garlic that is difficult to peel (usually a sign of freshness).  Most people cannot keep up with a daily regime of fresh crushed garlic, especially in large quantities.  Four cloves per day seems like quite a bit at first… but it may not be enough to produce your desired results.  Fresh, raw garlic has a tremendous lingering odor and is nearly impossible to give to children.
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Is Allimed safe?

Yes, Allimed has been tested to be 100% safe in ridiculously high amounts (25 ounces of the liquid orally).  The liquid is very spicy, similar to raw garlic…  common sense precaution is advised.  Large amounts of allicin, whether as fresh, crushed garlic or as stabilized allicin, can cause temporary but harmless nausea or vomiting.  When taking the liquid, use small amounts at first and then adjust the dose up slowly.  Do not use any Allimed products near the eyes or ears (use silver for those areas!).  Always speak with an Allimed Consultant before using Allimed topically.
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Can I use Allimed for _______ ?

Although many people with a wide variety of illnesses use Allimed, it is not a drug and does not cure, prevent, mitigate, diagnose or treat any disease.  Personal testimonials are certainly interesting but are not scientific studies.  Allimed is a complimentary therapy which supports but does not replace conventional treatment.  You should get the approval of your physician prior to using any supplement, especially if you have a chronic illness or if you take medications.
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How much Allimed can I take?

The following amounts are suggestions only.  You may take much more during times of illness or stress but be sure to mix it with a little juice or water.  Contact us with questions or for help with topical use.

  • Adults – 6 to 12 drops per day (or 1-2 capsules) as immune support/maintenance.
  • Teens and Children – 6 drops per day (or 1 capsule) as immune support/maintenance.
  • Toddlers/Babies – please call

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Should I take Allimed with food?

That is up to you.  Most people like to take Allimed liquid with a small amount of cold juice or water.  Allimed will not cause a lingering odor like fresh garlic or traditional garlic supplements and it will not cause odor in perspiration.  However, you may smell or taste the liquid for several minutes after taking it or you may get a little garlic burp after ingesting either the liquid or capsules.  Consuming it with food or juice will help alleviate this.  If you take more than a few drops of the liquid, please mix it directly into juice or water.   Never put Allimed into hot liquid or hot foods as this can deactivate the allicin.  Keep all Allimed products refrigerated to extend shelf life.
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